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CYA SmartRecovery for EMC Documentum

CYA SmartRecovery is an application-aware solution that protects your EMC Documentum investment by enabling you to quickly and fully recover from operational incidents such as corruptions, power surges, and programmatic errors. It performs hot, consistent backups that enable one, several, or thousands of objects to be quickly restored to the repository by a single administrator — all while Documentum stays online. This eliminates the need for a full system restore to a previous point in time, preventing downtime and additional data loss. CYA SmartRecovery also works seamlessly with your existing enterprise backup solution to meet or exceed recovery time objectives and achieve recovery point objectives of just 15 minutes in the event of a system failure or disaster. 

CYA SmartRecovery integrates with the same components as the Content Server and leverages the Documentum Content Server API. Recovering information is as simple as browsing the folders and documents from the intuitive interface and selecting what you wish to recover. CYA SmartRecovery is designed to integrate seamlessly with CYA HOTBackup, which enables companies to mitigate and even eliminate planned Documentum downtime by performing hot, consistent backups of the entire Documentum application that are automatically stored within enterprise backup solutions.

Highlights & Features Benefits
Granular recovery of Documentum objects (content and metadata)  Ensures business continuity; helps meet/exceed SLAs by enabling one, several, or thousands of objects to be restored to the repository while Documentum stays online. Prevents downtime and further data loss by eliminating the need to perform a full system restore.
Hot, consistent backups of content and metadata Maximizes uptime, ensures data integrity, and facilitates rapid response to audits, inspections, and litigation by capturing, validating, and preserving objects in a single synchronized pass while Documentum remains online.
Automatic record purge Aligns with EMC Documentum Retention Policy Services to destroy content and metadata upon its removal from Documentum. Enables administrators to specify a retention period triggering permanent deletion of expired records from CYA backups.
Integration with enterprise backup solutions Enhances existing disaster recovery strategies by working seamlessly with traditional backup solutions to achieve RPOs of just 15 minutes in the event of a disaster.
Preserves Documentum encryption Repository encryption is preserved to prevent intruders from reading content even if they obtain unauthorized access to repository content files.
Lost information tracking Ensures rapid, painless recovery by enabling administrators to see at a glance what has been lost/deleted from the repository.
One-step folder recovery
Facilitates fast recovery by allowing administrators to view the folder structure of the repository within the CYA SmartRecovery interface, and select folder names to quickly recover all or specific  files within the folders.
Minimal system requirements Utilizes the same memory and CPU resources as just one Documentum user, allowing CYA backup jobs to run as often as every 15 minutes.


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