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On Demand Webinar: Why CYA SmartRecovery is Gen Re’s Documentum Insurance Policy

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Gen Re is one of the leading property, casualty, life and health reinsurers in the world. They are leveraging EMC Documentum to manage critical information, improve process efficiency, and ensure compliance with government regulations and eDiscovery needs. Gen Re decided to implement CYA SmartRecovery as its insurance policy to protect assets stored in the EMC Documentum repository.

In this webinar Joe Scaramuzzo, Gen Re's DMS Platform Manager, discusses:

  • The line of business applications deployed in EMC Documentum
  • The architecture deployed to support Documentum
  • Backup and recovery needs and challenges for meeting service level requirements
  • Why Gen Re selected CYA SmartRecovery
An overview of CYA SmartRecovery is also provided.
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