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On Demand Webinar: Perform Hot, Consistent FileNet Backups (Process Engine, Object Stores & GCD)

Eliminate Planned FileNet Downtime


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For companies operating in multiple time zones and running customer-facing portals, there is no good time to take FileNet offline for a system backup. While hot backup technologies are available, they typically cause data corruption because they don’t backup FileNet components in the order required to maintain consistency between content and metadata. 

This webinar explores the challenges associated with performing hot backups of the FileNet platform. It provides a technical overview of a new feature available for enChoice’s CYA SmartRecovery software that leverages enterprise backup and storage technologies to:

  • Eliminate planned downtime with hot, consistent, point-in-time backups for all FileNet components including the process engine, global configuration database (GCD) and object stores
  • Prevent data corruption by backing up FileNet components in the order IBM requires to maintain consistency
  • Enable high-performance incremental backups
A demo is provided.



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