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BOTS HAVE GROWN UP - Top 3 Areas Where a Bot Can Improve Your Business


Top 3 Areas Where a Bot Can Improve Your Business

Top 5 Ways to Implement RPA


Are your employees still performing time-intensive, repetitive tasks themselves?

Bot technology replaces the need for repetitive manual work by executing pre-programmed tasks. Originally introduced in parallel with the emerging Internet, bots served mainly as a means to search the web and index individual pages. Still in existence today, the WebCrawler (or spider bot) is at the foundation of all internet processes. Bots in 2022, however, have advanced far beyond the WebCrawler. Today’s bots, or Robotic Process Automation (RPA), are responsible for vital business tasks such as improving the customer experience, expediting the ordering process, assisting with cyber security, and keeping companies in compliance with the ever-changing regulatory landscape. With such broad and powerful capabilities, RPA bots are at the core of any organization’s digital transformation strategy. Why? Because RPA bots are a cost-effective solution that produce an immediate return-on-investment!

Here are three key areas where RPA bots can quickly improve your business:

  1. Customer Service - enchoice-bot-custome...It is widely accepted that customer-centric companies are more successful than those less focused on service, because well-serviced customers are more likely to return. Therefore, anytime you can improve the consumer experience, it is a clear path to boosting potential revenue. Employing RPA bots, like Chatbots or virtual assistants, is a quick and simple way to enhance your customer service system. These RPA bots are placed anywhere there exists a need for two-way interaction, helping facilitate instantaneous communication between your company and the customer. Through managing inquiries instantly, efficiently, and without error – 24x7x365 – RPA bots have been shown to be a hugely successful tool in encouraging customer service satisfaction. RPA bots have become even more useful with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), such as Natural Language Processing (NLP). Using AI and NLP, bots can understand the tone or sentiment of a conversation and react accordingly.

  2. enchoice-bot-human-r...Human Resources (HR) - What could be better than improving the employee onboarding process, and ensuring a more pleasant experience to an often overly tedious process? With the use of RPA bots, this mission can easily be accomplished. Bots can be programmed to automatically match job requirements, provide background validation, and source resumes, as well as ensure all necessary documents are available for hiring managers to make fully informed decisions. In addition, RPA bots are a great way to distribute company-wide updates or new HR programs. These time-consuming and repetitive tasks can be replaced by RPA bots, so that HR can devote more time to the human factor. Eliminating tedious work creates happier employees, and happier employees translates to higher productivity!

  3. enchoice-bot-busines...Business Operations - Ask any Operations Manager, and they will tell you that their number one priority is streamlining critical business processes. This makes sense, as any time you have the ability to speed up a business process or eliminate human errors, you are reducing costs and thereby adding to your bottom line. Through RPA, bots that can automate these manual processes have become simple to use and cost-efficient. Consider the following example – For any process that requires the validation of data, such as claims or order processing, an RPA bot can easily verify the accuracy and completeness of your customer’s data. This, in turn, can expedite order fulfillment and/or claim processing. RPA bots can also assist in customer relationship management, and organize customer information so that it is more easily accessible. RPA bots ensure that line-of-business systems are fed accurate information, reducing manual data processing tasks, otherwise known as the “swivel chair”. When you eliminate “swivel chair” processes, you free up workers to concentrate their efforts on projects that yield the most impact.



Transforming Your Organization With RPA

Once used primarily for web indexing, RPA bots have come a long way. They are now able to replace sophisticated business processes, and are being adopted across most industries. RPA bots assist the healthcare industry by improving patient care and assisting in provider payments, accelerate the retail industry by speeding up the ordering process, and ease the interaction between insurance companies and customers by advancing the claims process. These are just some of the areas in which RPA bots are demonstrating immediate ROI.

RPA bots continue to evolve with the adoption of technologies such as Native Language Processing, cognitive capture, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR). RPA bots are an easy-to-implement and cost-effective step in your organization’s digital transformation journey.

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John Bourdeau, Systems Consultant at enChoice

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