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enChoice’s IBM CMOD Education – Like Learning How to Ski

IBM Content Manager OnDemand Education

skis_1_of_2_louise_blog_erm_cmod_04.29.16.jpgWhen I was a senior in college a few of my Sorority sisters and I decided to go to Gatlinburg, TN to try out skiing. I had never skied before so was excited to give it a try. I did not know it then, but by learning how to ski without lessons shaped my understanding of IBM Content Manager OnDemand (‘CMOD’ or ‘OnDemand’) education many years later.

The first thing we did after arriving was rent skis, and then off to the beginner slope we went. Other than showing us how to put on skis and come up the rope tow, we had no lessons. This first skiing experience was a little bit like having someone show you how to create a CMOD Application by showing you how to copy an existing Application. ‘Voila- you can load a new application.’








While going full speed down a ski slope with no real direction or understanding of what I was doing ended up being okay, it would have been a much easier learning experience if I had had a lesson. Much like skiing, you can simply create an Application—but do you understand just why and what you were doing?  Most likely not.

If you take CMOD Education when you first install OnDemand you will have a good understanding of the full fundamentals of the system, how to administer the system, and why you are doing what you are doing.  enChoice’s self-study IBM Content Manager OnDemand Administration or the ILO class, IBM CMOD for Multiplatform V9.x: System Implementation & Administration (U5NEN01G) can provide you with that basic understanding when you first install CMOD.

After taking many lessons and being an experienced skier for many years, I still wanted to get better and learn new techniques. You may want the same. Or you may want to take the IBM CMOD certification. enChoice offers a 5 day ILO class as well as the Advanced Self-paced class, IBM Content Manager OnDemand Advanced System Administration.

If you have been using CMOD for one year or as many as twenty years, or any number of years in between, there are a lot of new features and functions that you can learn about. Taking the advanced education gives you opportunity to learn all the new features and new ‘tricks’ of the trade. You might want to consider a custom two or three-day course just for an update! enChoice custom education is like having a ‘private’ ski lesson.  

For information on CMOD education from enChoice, go to www.enchoice.com and click on the Services tab.