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Is Documentum Still a Contender?

Is Documentum Still a Contender?

OpenText claims it’s title as the “undisputed heavyweight champion of ECM” 

In an article last week by CMS Wire, Adam Howaton, CMO of OpenText, declared OpenText the “undisputed heavyweight champion of enterprise content management” with the acquisition of Documentum.

This boxing analogy seems quite fitting given that OpenText and Documentum had been fierce competitors since the 1990’s. 

So now that the gloves are off, what appears to be the fate of Documentum?  The play-by-play after last week’s announcement seems rather encouraging.




Howaton acknowledged that Documentum is the “backbone of many of the world’s largest companies” and promised to protect the decades of investment and innovation customers have put into this platform.  

Pulling no punches, Howaton argued against a “Knockout” of Documentum saying that OpenText is “100% committed to active investment.”   

He also denied rumors that OpenText is 

  • just in it for the ECD products’ maintenance revenue, or
  • plan to move customers off Documentum and onto other OpenText products 

He said they have no duplicates in their portfolio – that their products address different use-cases.

Will they try to move customers to a SaaS Model? While many other companies are chasing the illusory cloud-ready customer, Howaton most candidly calls their cloud solutions “lightweights” compared to Documentum. 



Executives plan to release a product roadmap in the next 60 days that will “evolve” Documentum and its newly-related products InfoArchive and Leap. 

Simply put, this acquisition puts Documentum back as a leading contender in delivering solutions for managing content.  This could be the dawn of a new era for innovation for the Documentum product line.  


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