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Moving Your IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) System to the Cloud

Did you know that 67% of enterprise infrastructure is estimated to be cloud based by the end of 2020? (Source: Forbes). Five years ago, many organizations weren’t sure if they wanted to move to the cloud. Two years ago there was a lot more interest, but management wasn’t yet on board. Today nearly every organization has a cloud directive, and the recent COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the need to adopt.
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The California Consumer Privacy Act (CPRA)

Set to go live at the start of 2020, CPRA is focused on protecting consumers privacy rights, while allowing businesses to make use of and get value from this personal data. More specifically, it lays out a framework for transparency in business practices, such that companies will need to respond to consumer requests in terms of what information companies have on them and what companies are doing with their information.
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Why You Need Managed Services for Your IBM Content Manager onDemand (CMOD) Solution

When you have a dedicated team administering the solution they're solely focused on, it will always be a better model. However, most organizations do not have the luxury of dedicated resources, and that's where Managed Services comes in. In one sentence, Managed Services is a comprehensive end-to-end remote support administration for your IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) system, including on-premise, cloud or hybrid deployments. Managed Services offers a single point-of-contact (SPOC)...
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Are You Vulnerable to an Internal Content Breach?

Most organizations generally prepare for security threats such as: system attacks, stolen malware, IDs and passwords, or problems with access control. However, recently internal threats have become a growing concern within many organizations. Users with appropriate access are searching, viewing, and editing content from their company's Enterprise Content Management systems, with no business reason to do so, including HR, legal, and medical data. And it's not only employees with access to...
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How to More Effectively Manage Your ASG Mobius ViewDirect Solution (without breaking your budget)

A number of analysts groups, including IDC, have been looking into the value of Managed Services. IDC in particular polled several hundred organizations, looking for the key business challenges that these organizations faced. While each company polled had varying priorities, almost ALL stated one common challenge: their most valuable and knowledgeable technical people are too wrapped up in administering their systems, including their Enterprise Content Management, Output Management and Report Ma...
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Why You Need to Upgrade to FileNet P8 5.5 (and How)

IBM FileNet 5.2 Version is about to go “out of support” on April 30th. There are several products that will be deprecated in FileNet P8 5.5 including Workplace, Workplace XT, eForms, and the Rendition Engine. This means that any software or applications that you've built based on these tools will need to be replaced in some form.
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enChoice is a Silver Sponsor at Think 2019, IBM's Flagship Technology Conference

enChoice is announcing that we are a Silver sponsorship of IBM’s flagship conference Think 2019 which will take place on February 12-19th, 2019 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. Think brings together the top innovators and thought leaders in technology and business with professionals from across the globe. It is a place for collaboration, idea sharing, problem solving, and the exchange of knowledge.
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Is Documentum Still a Contender?

OpenText claims it’s title as the “undisputed heavyweight champion of ECM”  In an article last week by CMS Wire, Adam Howaton, CMO of OpenText, declared OpenText the “undisputed heavyweight champion of enterprise content management” with the acquisition of Documentum. This boxing analogy seems quite fitting given that OpenText and Documentum had been fierce competitors since the 1990’s.  So now that the gloves are off, what appears to be the fate of Documentum?  The play-by-play after...
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The "Oops" Moment

Protecting Against the “Oops” Moment What if an administrative error resulted in the loss of critical information in your enterprise content management (ECM) repository— and you were unable to recover the content and metadata required for compliance or processes to run the business? Exactly how likely is this nightmare to occur?  We live in a digitally-dependent world, and as rock-solid as we like to believe our technology to be, we also know that no system is perfect.  Data can be u...
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enChoice’s IBM CMOD Education – Like Learning How to Ski

IBM Content Manager OnDemand Education When I was a senior in college a few of my Sorority sisters and I decided to go to Gatlinburg, TN to try out skiing. I had never skied before so was excited to give it a try. I did not know it then, but by learning how to ski without lessons shaped my understanding of IBM Content Manager OnDemand (‘CMOD’ or ‘OnDemand’) education many years later. The first thing we did after arriving was rent skis, and then off to the beginner slope we went. Other...
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