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enChoice’s IBM CMOD Education – Like Learning How to Ski

IBM Content Manager OnDemand Education When I was a senior in college a few of my Sorority sisters and I decided to go to Gatlinburg, TN to try out skiing. I had never skied before so was excited to give it a try. I did not know it then, but by learning how to ski without lessons shaped my understanding of IBM Content Manager OnDemand (‘CMOD’ or ‘OnDemand’) education many years later. The first thing we did after arriving was rent skis, and then off to the beginner slope we went. Other...
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Ensuring a Successful & (Almost) Pain-free Enterprise Report Management Migration - Part 2

How to Build the Business Case for IBM Content Manager OnDemand Excuses excuses excuses… We can all relate to that mantra! Just recently I bit the bullet and cleaned out my small walkout closet – omg. I couldn’t believe all the stuff - junk, clutter, random things - and then all of a sudden I began to find some really great pieces. There were some wonderful items and finally, those possessions that really hold memories or make a difference and can’t be tossed aside. The closet exerc...
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Ensuring a Successful and (Almost) Pain-free Enterprise Report Management Migration – Part 1

Realizing that there is no other way forward but with a Migration or in my case, an entire refinishing project. Several months ago, my husband and I entered into a rather long and complicated home project to have the wood floors across our entire house sanded and treated. First there was the preparation process, which included “sorting out the junk” and packing and carting stuff to the garage and basement. Then there was the fun of camping rustically in the basement for 10 days and the “clim...
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