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enChoice Citizen Services
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enChoice’s Citizen Services for Government (CS4G) is a request-triggered, content and process automation solution built on IBM CloudPak for Automation. This CS4G solution is applicable to any Government Agency that receives Citizen requests, which need to go through a certification, eligibility, or review process.

enChoice’s CS4G Components include:

  • A Self-Service Citizen Portal which automates service requests and gives citizen transparency into the request process and their status.
  • An Interview Module which walks citizens through a set of related question in order to determine request completion requirements.
  • An Agency Portal which provides agency staff full transparency into inflight and submitted requests and a single integrated interface to perform all required request approval tasks and functions.
  • A Correspondence Module which automates the creation of required forms, letters, and certificates.
  • A Process Module that automates processing of all submitted requests.
  • Integration Modules that connect with an agency’s technology systems and external service providers.

While CS4G can be used in a wide variety of applications within State Agencies (such as Workman’s Compensation, Child Nutrition Programs, Nursing Certification Programs, etc.), we highlight two specific use-cases below:

enChoice Crime Victim Compensation System (CVCS) - A federal bill signed in 2021, boosts funds for state government crime victim services. This means that every state is now receiving Federal Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) funds to help support their crime victim assistance and compensation programs.

enChoice has developed the Crime Victim Compensation System (CVCS), an IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation (CP4BA), solution to support state government Crime Victim Agency Compensation Programs. First implemented at the State of Texas, CVCS streamlines the processing of the victim compensation claims. Among the many benefits of this solution, CVCS can reduce the number of days to first payment on claims by as much as 30-40%.

Teacher's Certification System (TCS) - enChoice’s Teacher Certification System (TCS) leverages IBM’s powerful CloudPak for Business Automation capabilities. TCS is designed to automate and streamline the application and certification process by providing a complete online digital experience for applicants.

TCS provides online portals for applicants (teachers), Institutions for Higher Education (IHE), Local Educational Agencies (LEA) and agency personnel. TCS is a comprehensive solution for online application submission, workflow tracking, automated communication and dashboarding, integration with third party services and reporting systems.

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