enChoice Information Governance

Information Governance
Maturity Assessment (IGMA)

It’s important to get a hold of your information governance process as early as possible. As sources of information continue to evolve and continue to grow exponentially - so does your risk management footprint right along with it. Already, many organizations are left to cope with redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) or “dark” data landfills. Even organizations that have a sound records management process are at risk, since large swaths of information that may not fit the definition of a “corporate record” fall outside of lifecycle governance entirely.

enChoice has developed a specialized assessment, driven by industry best practices, to serve as a point-in-time measure of an organization’s Information Governance maturity. enChoice's Information Governance Maturity Assessment (IGMA) uses an industry standard benchmarking model and can serve as the basis for subsequent strategy development in implementing a long-term Information Governance roadmap.

enChoice's IGMA delivers a holistic, standards-based assessment of an organization’s Information Governance (IG) maturity to use as a benchmark to develop or fine-tune your IG strategy.

Think of the IGMA as your organization’s periodic medical checkup, and the IG strategy as your long-term care plan. The next time you schedule your checkup, your health score should show an improvement.