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Recorded Webinar - How to (easily) connect to external data sources in IBM Content Navigator

Watch this webinar and learn how searching for and adding new content into IBM FileNet can be greatly improved when leveraging external data sources using a FileNet accelerator.
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Recorded Webinar - Demo: How to Automate Records Declaration in IBM Enterprise Records

Would you like to automate the creation of records in IBM Enterprise Records from documents stored in IBM FileNet?
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Recorded Webinar - Demo: How to Import/Extract Documents in Bulk from IBM FileNet

Do you need the ability to import or extract large numbers of documents from your IBM FileNet system based on specific criteria?
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Recorded Webinar - Simplify Physical Records Management With IBM FileNet P8

If you would like the ability to better track, manage, and locate physical records across multiple file rooms and locations with your IBM FileNet P8 system, don’t miss this webinar.
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Recorded Webinar - How to Connect FileNet Content to Your Line-of-Business Systems

Did you know that you can log in to your company’s line-of-business systems (such as ERP systems, case management systems, workflows, portals, etc.) and view content stored in IBM FileNet?
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Recorded Webinar: Upgrading Your Legacy Enterprise Content Management System(s)

Is it time to upgrade your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system(s)?
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