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Take your capture projects to the next level with Intelligent Capture!

Are you ready to take your capture projects to the next level and turn up the dial on automation with Intelligent Capture?

In March 2022, enChoice acquired rights to all MagicLamp Software assets, including numerous IBM Datacap “accelerators” that add more value to your capture investment.

What is a Datacap Accelerator?

Our suite of IBM Datacap Accelerators uses pre-built code to perform standard functions and support you in the following categories:

  • Accuracy Suite - Increase Accuracy and Higher ROI
  • Integration Suite - Improve Time to Value and Integrations
  • Performance Suite - Speed Up Your Performance and Support

Scott Power, former CEO of MagicLamp, also joined enChoice, as part of our commitment to an expanded focus on Intelligent Capture solutions. We are priveledged to have Scott join our team and provide you with the latest in Capture Technology to achieve your automation goals.

enChoice's expanded capture practice will focus not only on established enterprise capture platforms like Datacap, but on the array of leading AI and machine learning document recognition and analysis tools.

enChoice is a Platimun IBM Business Automation partner, and we have evolved over the past 29 years as a major provider of professional services, cloud hosting, and remote managed services in support of IBM’s Business Automation platform.

We welcome an old friend, Captain Capture, who has also joined enChoice's growing Intelligent Capture Team.

Let’s talk about how we can help.

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Scott Power

Director of Intelligent Capture Solutions

Scott is a world-renowned expert on IBM Datacap, having been involved in over 300 Datacap accounts including some of IBM’s most complex implementations.

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Why enChoice?

enChoice is a leading IBM Business Partner with deep IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation expertise. We have a 30-year track record of helping customers improve business processes and protect critical information with software and solutions that accelerate their path to digital efficiency.