enChoice KwikNAV

A suite of solutions designed to accelerate your content.

  • KwikNAV by enChoice is a suite of accelerators for your IBM Business Automation systems, designed to maximize your company’s operational efficiency, productivity, and compliance.
  • KwikNAV AutoDeclare for IBM Enterprise Records simplifies record declaration by automating the process, running completely behind the scenes without any user interaction.
  • KwikNAV Data allows IBM Content Navigator to connect to external data sources, and lookup a value or list of data from sources outside of IBM FileNet P8.
  • KwikNAV Files gives business users the ability to import, export, and transform bulk documents in IBM FileNet P8 without the need for IT support.
  • KwikNAV Integrator easily integrates IBM FileNet P8 content with your line-of-business systems, without the need to write complex custom code.
  • KwikNAV Physical Records provides the ability to better track, manage, and locate physical records across multiple file rooms and locations by leveraging IBM FileNet P8.

The IBM software solutions leveraged and/or supported by KwikNAV include:

  • IBM Content Navigator (ICN)
  • IBM P8 Content Manager
  • IBM P8 Business Process Manager (BPM)
  • IBM Case Manager
  • IBM Case Foundation
  • IBM Content Foundation
  • IBM Enterprise Records (IER)
  • IBM Content Collector (ICC) for files
  • IBM Content Collector (ICC) for Microsoft Sharepoint
  • IBM Content Collector (ICC) for email
  • IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD)
  • IBM Digital Business Automation (DBA)
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Automation
  • IBM Operation Decision Manager (ODM)
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS)
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) for Network Deployed (ND)