enChoice enTools START NOW Program - ASG/Mobius ViewDirect

The enTools™ START NOW Program provides automated archive extraction services using enChoice’s exclusive enTools™ Extractor software for ASG/Mobius ViewDirect. The extraction and conversion process is remotely managed by experienced enChoice engineers so your IT staff can focus on other priorities.

The START NOW Program enables you to:

  • Spread your data conversion costs over time
  • Minimize impact on daily production processing
  • Plan an efficient migration to your new system

In addition to the enTools™ software, enChoice provides the START NOW data extraction program , which allows you to begin the extraction process early, permitting you to spread your data conversion costs over time, minimize the impact on daily production processing and plan an efficient migration to your new ERM system.

The enTools™ START NOW provides two extraction options:

  • Weekly Extractions: Converts new files on a weekly basis. This stops ViewDirect from “growing” and is ideal for customers that are uncertain about their migration plans but want to ensure the extraction process is as fast as possible once they’re ready to move forward.
  • Historical Extractions: Extracts older data in a carefully planned manner that doesn’t interfere with your production environment and spreads costs over multiple budget years.

All extractions are stored on compressed, low cost server disk to minimize hardware costs.