enChoice Retention Management in IBM FileNet

Protect your FileNet P8 System Against Compliance Breaches & Financial Penalties

With today’s complex patchwork of privacy and data protection regulations, effective content lifecycle and information hygiene is essential to avoiding costly compliance exposure. From Europe’s GDPR to industry-specific mandates like FINRA and HIPAA rules, to state-driven acts like California’s CPRA or New York’s revised SHIELD Act, the message is clear: If you’re not actively managing retention of your FileNet repository content, your organization is at risk.

Without a consistent retention management system in place in FileNet P8, your document retention activities are prone to errors, which can become very costly and risk damaging your company’s reputation.

Fortunately, enChoice's Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) Solution provides a comprehensive and effective retention solution to empower your organization to tackle these issues head-on!

Consider the following challenges for various FileNet P8 stakeholders.

Business Units: Main Concerns = Risk & Productivity

They must understand the retentions of their documents stored in FileNet P8. They need transparency and need to know the relevance of content lifecycle management. To minimize efforts and errors, they need a simple, efficient process for approvals, deletions, and holds for FileNet P8 documents with personal and other business sensitive content.

Legal & Data Protection Officers (DPO): Main Concern = Risk

They are tasked with reducing compliance exposure. They need to help the business in establishing waterproof processes to delete documents that must be deleted, and keep documents that must be kept. These processes must be auditable, in the event of an inquiry from a regulatory agency.

FileNet Team: Main Concerns = Complexity, Administrative Efforts, & Costs

They lack the necessary retention reporting and have difficulties in setting up retention processes that the business user themselves can handle in IBM Content Navigator.

enChoice's Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) Solution helps you tackle the following challenges in your FileNet P8 platform:

  • Compliance with Data Protection Regulations
  • Managing the Retention Settings of Documents
  • Managing the Approval Process for Deleting or Preserving Documents
  • Controlled Deletion of Documents
  • Managing Holds for Documents
Read on to find out more about enChoice's Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) Solution!

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