enChoice Content Lifecycle Management Features

Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) Features

enChoice's Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution is a full-featured add-on to FileNet P8 versions 5.5 and later, that makes retention management intuitive and cost-effective.

Plugs Right Into Your Existing FileNet P8 System

enChoice’s Content Lifecycle solution complements FileNet P8 Content Platform Engine (CPE) and IBM Content Navigator (ICN).

  • A Content Navigator plug-in provides the front-end services, so its handling is very easy and intuitive.
  • From the Content Navigator UI reports, approvals, deletions, and holds are managed seamlessly.
  • The background processing in FileNet P8 is controlled and executed by the CLM Service Manager, which is part of the solution. No additional code or components required!

Event-based Retention for Documents and Folders

Retention period assignments can be based on events, which are definable by multiple criteria. If a specific event occurs for a document or a folder, CLM will automatically assign the retention period defined for this event, greatly reducing manual processes and, subsequently, diminishing opportunities for errors.

Documents are deleted in a controlled and secure manner, either manually or in automated batches. All deletions and modifications are logged for auditing purposes. Further, documents can only be deleted after receiving the appropriate approval. These approval processes can be multi-stage, with the ability to enable required review by two or more individuals. For efficiency, approvals can be handled in batches instead of on a document level.

Document protection from deletion can be easily invoked by manual or automatic holds.

Scheduled Reporting

With enChoice’s Content Lifecycle Management solution, reports can be configured based on your specific needs. For example, you can structure your reports by Object Class, properties, or storage area. These reports can be generated ad-hoc or automatically and be sent to the relevant knowledge workers based on predefined schedules.

Scheduled Reports

Supported standard reports:

  • Overview of all documents whose retention has expired and can be deleted
  • Summary of the retention settings

Reports customizable via configurable criteria to meet your needs:

  • By object class
  • By documents properties ( incoming date, last modified date, etc.)
  • By storage area

Scheduled reports for relevant users:

  • By object class
  • By documents properties ( incoming date, last modified date, etc.)
  • By storage area

Aditional CLM Features

Configurable Approval Workflows

  • Approve or reject documents, folders, or entire batches as an individual or a member of a business unit or functional team
  • Claim or reassign work on an individual or team basis

Set Up Legal Hold

  • Utilize the powerful built-in hold capabilities in FileNet P8 to prevent your content from getting deleted when subject to litigation or audit. Holds can be configured using intuitive, flexible criteria, or in a more ad-hoc, on-demand fashion

Get Actionable Insights from a Powerful Dashboard Experience

  • CLM’s dashboard feature for ICN highlights all the important lifecycle administration items so that you’re armed with the latest information at a glance
  • You can monitor documents and folders, run custom searches, jump right into work inboxes, and more

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