enChoice Information Governance

Information Governance (IG)

“The overarching and coordinating strategy for all organizational information. It establishes the authorities, supports, processes, capabilities, structures, and infrastructure to enable information to be a useful asset and reduced liability to an organization, based on that organization’s specific business requirements and risk tolerance.” 1

1ARMA International: Guide to the Information Management Profession

The Power of Information

As the Digital Age reigns supreme, successfully harnessing the power of information can lead to transformational success for an organization.

According to Gartner research, organizations that effectively manage and measure information as a true asset have a market value premium of between 200% - 300%. By the end of the decade, an estimated 80% of financial analysts will consider a company's information and analytic capabilities in valuing the business itself as standard practice.

It’s important to get a hold of your information governance process as early as possible. As sources of information continue to evolve and continue to grow exponentially - so does your risk management footprint right along with it. Already, many organizations are left to cope with redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) or “dark” data landfills. Even organizations that have a sound records management process are at risk, since large swaths of information that may not fit the definition of a “corporate record” fall outside of lifecycle governance entirely.

Beyond the risk side of the equation is the opportunity cost of missing out on the valuation potential of your information. It’s just not possible to truly harness the power of your organization’s information assets if you don’t have a clear governance strategy. The first step in developing that strategy is understanding where you measure up today.

enChoice has developed a specialized assessment, driven by industry best practices, to serve as a point-in-time measure of an organization’s Information Governance maturity. enChoice's Information Governance Maturity Assessment (IGMA) uses an industry standard benchmarking model and can serve as the basis for subsequent strategy development in implementing a long-term Information Governance roadmap.

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