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Automate & Simplify Records Declaration

IBM Enterprise Records (IER) requires content to be declared as records. To achieve this, you must consider:

  • How does your organization distinguish documents from corporate records?
  • How are your end-users declaring your records?
  • What happens if document metadata must change post-declare?

KwikNAV AutoDeclare for IBM Enterprise Records simplifies record declaration by automating the process, running completely behind the scenes without any user interaction. AutoDeclare is quick to implement, using a standard model for deploying code modules and event handlers within FileNet.

How It Works

AutoDeclare provides a seamless integration point within the dual object-store architecture of an IER solution. Using a set of document class subscription-based code modules, AutoDeclare integrates between the Record Object Store (ROS) and the File Plan Object Store (FPOS), making records declaration instantaneous upon content hitting the ROS. When a record is declared, all common properties between the Document class and Record class are synchronized.

AutoDeclare is configuration-based, so you can decide what should be declared and how you want to go about the records declaration process. Using a subscription on your classes, it can listen for events that happen on the classes that you want to ultimately be declared as records, and it will respond accordingly to those events.

With AutoDeclare you can use the custom property values that make the most sense for your business, and model them across both your record classes and document classes. AutodDeclare will synchronize everything in between, based on document changes.

KwikNAV AutoDeclare Features

  • Automates the creation of records in IBM Enterprise Records from documents stored in FileNet CPE
  • Configuration Driven
  • Java-based software component
  • Subscription-based
  • Custom property values
  • Quick deployment

KwikNAV AutoDeclare Benefits

  • Automates the creation of records in IER from documents in P8
  • Better user experience (runs without user interaction)
  • Increased accuracy
  • Improved governance and compliance on the back end

KwikNAV AutoDeclare Software Requirements

  • P8 v4.x and greater
  • IER v5.2 and greater

KwikNAV AutoDeclare

Demo: How to Automate Records Declaration in IBM Enterprise Records

Would you like to automate the creation of records in IBM Enterprise Records from documents stored in IBM FileNet?

As you probably already know, records management in IBM Enterprise Records (IER) requires content to be manually declared as records.

Join us for this 20-minute demo and learn how business users can easily import/export documents from IBM FileNet WITHOUT having to depend on IT support.

We’ll provide a quick demonstration of how you can enable business users to:

  • Extract and Import documents in bulk
  • Support both scheduled and ad-hoc jobs
  • Reduce dependency on your IT staff