enChoice KwikNAV Integrator

Integrate FileNet to Your
Line-of-Business Systems

Your IBM FileNet P8 system likely plays a critical role in your organization, but when information stored in FileNet is not connected with your line-of-business applications, your processes can be less efficient.

KwikNAV Integrator is an enChoice accelerator that easily brings FileNet integration to your line-of-business systems. By leveraging the power of REST operations against the IBM FileNet P8 repository, KwikNAV Integrator eliminates the need for your developers to write complex custom integration code or learn FileNet’s backend system.

Integration with line-of business systems is easily achieved with KwikNAV Integrator by encapsulating FileNet’s complexity with a few simple API calls. Thanks to KwikNAV Integrator’s shorter project cycle times, you can save time and money on project development and testing.

KwikNAV Integrator Benefits

  • Search for content using metadata
  • Download content
  • Utilize to read annotations
  • Multiple authentication mechanisms (Single Sign-On capable, SPNEGO and Basic Authentication)
  • Logging and error handling
  • Supports External data sources
  • Multi-Tab Viewer – view multiple related documents simultaneously:
    • Developers interface with simple HTTP operations
    • All IBM viewer functionality and security are retained

KwikNAV Integrator Requirements

  • IBM FileNet P8 v5.x and greater (with application server)
  • WAS v9 and greater
  • IBM Content Navigator (ICN) required for Native viewing (Customer can use any viewer otherwise)

KwikNAV Integrator

Webinar: How to connect FileNet content to your line-of-business systems

Did you know that you can log in to your company’s line-of-business systems (such as ERP systems, case management systems, workflows, portals, etc.) and view content stored in IBM FileNet?

Learn how a municipal retirement system quickly connected FileNet with their line-of-business systems without expensive in-house development or external consulting costs.

Instead of having your developers learn how to query FileNet’s databases, navigate the numerous granular APIs provided by IBM, or encapsulate FileNet into a REST service, watch this webinar and learn how to:

  • Eliminate the need to write your own custom integration code (which typically requires a granular understanding of the FileNet internal processes)
  • Ensure your integration with FileNet is compatible with all new version releases
  • Use REST APIs to filter and retrieve content from FileNet