enChoice enTools JES Monitor - IBM CMOD, OnBase

enTools JES and File Monitor

The enTools™ JES Monitor software solution from enChoice provides the ability to send reports from the IBM System-z JES Spool to a distributed or z/Linux server(s) where it can be loaded into another Enterprise Report (ERM) or Content Management (ECM) system.

The enTools™ File Monitor is bundled with the enTools JES Monitor software, enabling not only sweeps from the mainframe JES spool but also datasets and GDG.

The JES and File Monitor enable a phased approach to ERM migration projects, with its ability to run in a parallel mode, allowing for a risk-free and rapid transition from your current ECM/ERM solution to a new ECM/ERM platform.

How JES Monitor Works:

JES Monitor is an entirely z/OS product and runs as a started task that monitors the JES queues for output that matches user-specified criteria. When JES Monitor finds matching output, it delivers the output via secured or non-secured FTP to any platform or landing zone, where it can then be loaded into the new archiving solution. It can create new directories, provides database look up capabilities and the customer has control over the filename(s) created.

Features and benefits overview:

  • No changes to JCL, procedures or applications are required ensuring that your consolidation project can begin immediately
  • Supports JES2 and JES3 platforms
  • Ability to select specific output to transfer including an include or exclude list option, limiting the job or number of jobs processed
  • Multiple sets of selection rules can be defined to each started task
  • Supports text, AFP, Xerox documents, reports and job output including JES messages, sort output, etc
  • Email notification option when a report cannot be processed. Emails can be customized using a simple template file
  • Provides a table search function to retrieve attributes required for the new system
  • Provides a retry option when errors occur in the transfer process