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Recorded Webinar: How enChoice Will Help You Close Automation (DBA) Business in 2021

enChoice is IBM’s largest Business Automation partner. We are 100% IBM Automation focused and experts in all of IBM's content and process platforms, having implemented over 600 IBM systems over the past 28 years. Last year was our best year ever closing IBM DBA license business.
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Recorded Webinar: Case Manager to BAW, Your Upgrade Made Simple

IBM announced that effective 4/30/2021 they will withdraw support for Case Manager. This announcement also applies to users who have licensed Case Foundation. To receive continued support, IBM requires that you migrate to IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW), the replacement product which combines the capabilities of IBM Business Process Manager, IBM Case Foundation, and IBM Case Manager.
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Recorded Webinar: Workflow & Decision Management DEMO: A "One-Two Punch" Against Manual Business Processes

Manual tasks are time-consuming, expensive, and prone to error. ​​​​​If you're is still using outdated and labor-intensive business processes, don't miss this online demonstration where you'll ​​learn how using a combination of Workflow and Decision Management can pack a “one-two punch” against your old, outdated manual processes.
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Recorded Webinar: Make Your Documents ADA Accessible From Your Existing IBM Repository

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other evolving regulations can impact digital communication with your blind, partially sighted, and cognitively disabled customers
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Recorded Webinar: No Code Workflow at Your Fingertips

Streamlining manual and repetitive tasks should be easy as drawing it out on a piece of paper! Learn how you can use IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW) to draw the most optimum picture and accurate process.
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Recorded Webinar: Reduce the Stress of Extracting & Importing Loan Portfolios within IBM FileNet

Did you know that you can reduce the time and effort it takes to buy and sell large loan portfolios?
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Recorded Webinar: Remote Content Access, How to Stay Ahead of Insider Threats

View the RecordingA recent study found that 97% of IT leaders are actively concerned about an insider data breach, and these incidents can cost a company as much as $11.1 million per year. (Egress’s Insider Data Breach Survey 2020)Don't miss this webinar, where Content Management system executive, Bob Howatt, Vice President at Reveille, will explain how to prepare and defend your FileNet system against these challenges, including: Contain the risk of inappropriate u...
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Recorded Webinar: Decision Management, Creating Agility in a Climate of Change

Learn how to reduce errors and improve consistency with Operational Decision Management and Business Process Management (ODM/BPM) expert Jay Birchmeier.
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Recorded Webinar: Digital Transformation Series Part 2 - Business Process Management (Workflow), Preparing for Future Challenges

Join expert Jay Birchmeier who’ll demonstrate how you can use Business Process Management (Workflow) to be more prepared for future challenges.
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Recorded Webinar: FileNet for AP Automation - Why It's Critical to Business Continuity

The state of business is not an easy one to navigate right now. The current crisis can be a distraction from your short and long-term Vendor Management and Accounts Payable (AP) objectives.
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