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Register for live, educational webinars and download recordings of past webinars to learn more about enChoice and its enterprise content management solutions and services.

Recorded Webinar - Intelligent Automation in Action: Use Cases & Results

Customer expectations have changed drastically over the past year as they were forced to automate many business processes during the Covid crisis. Learn how companies are using Intelligent Automation to quickly adapt to changing situations, deliver more impactful customer interactions, and better meet their business needs.
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Recorded Webinar - Lessons Learned from Deploying IBM FileNet on OpenShift for the Cloud

If moving your IBM FileNet system to containers is an important piece of company's "cloud" strategy, watch this webinar, where we'll share with you what we've learned
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Recorded Webinar - Accelerate Mortgage Processing with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Is your company looking to reduce mortgage document processing time and handle more volume, without adding staff or making significant changes to your environments? Historically, automated document processing solutions for the mortgage industry had great intentions - but they were expensive and took months, if not years, to train only a small portion of your documents.
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Recorded Webinar - A New Way To View Content Using Your IBM Content Services Platforms

There is a better way to view content and get faster access to critical business information, resulting in significant productivity gains simply by reducing time spent waiting for a document to open.
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Recorded Webinar - Simplify Physical Records Management With IBM FileNet P8

If you would like the ability to better track, manage, and locate physical records across multiple file rooms and locations with your IBM FileNet P8 system, don’t miss this webinar.
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Recorded Webinar - How to Connect FileNet Content to Your Line-of-Business Systems

Did you know that you can log in to your company’s line-of-business systems (such as ERP systems, case management systems, workflows, portals, etc.) and view content stored in IBM FileNet?
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Recorded Webinar - Upgrading IBM's Operational Decision Manager (ODM)

Are you considering upgrading IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM)? Are you currently using version 8.10.5 or higher of IBM's ODM platform? Learn about the new version of ODM and how to remove the risk from your upgrade.
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Recorded Webinar - A New Way to View Content Through OpenText Documentum

If you want more control of what, when, and how content is viewed from your OpenText Documentum system, then you don't want to miss this session.
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Recorded Webinar - Predictable Cost of Ownership

If you feel like you’re staring at the tip of an iceberg when budgeting for the costs to administer and maintain your ECM system, join us and learn how to experience a predictable annual cost of ownership for your IBM FileNet P8 and IBM CMOD environments.
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Recorded Webinar - How to Monitor & Protect Your OpenText Documentum Application Environment

Managing Documentum applications through upgrades, migrations and integrations can be challenging, and trying to do so without the proper insight into all levels of your application stack can put your mission-critical operations at risk.
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