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Register for live, educational webinars and download recordings of past webinars to learn more about enChoice and its enterprise content management solutions and services.

Recorded Webinar: How to easily integrate IBM ECM content with Line of Business applications

Do your IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) users have seamless access to Data from their Line of Business (LOB) applications? Learn how to integrate your ECM content with LOB applications (without code) in three simple steps that take just a few minutes.
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Recorded Webinar: Cut the Chaos in your Legal Department

This webinar will discuss a simple, unified approach to streamlining the management of disputes, litigation, transactions, investigations, intellectual property, claims, purchase agreements and terms. Learn how to reduce legal department chaos and ensure cases/matters are handled in a consistent manner.
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Recorded Webinar: How to quickly add new content to your FileNet repository

Did you know ... you can add drag-and-drop capability to FileNet allowing users to QUICKLY add content? Learn how KwikWork's UPLOAD MANAGER enhances the user experience.
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Recorded Webinar: Is your IBM FileNet P8 system in license compliance?

Are you SURE your IBM FileNet P8 system is in license compliance? Learn how to validate your license compliance and be better prepared for an audit using the IBM License Metric Tool. This webinar will discuss how to install and configure the tool, as well as when and how often to run it. We’ll also show you a dashboard that encompasses ILMT and many other administrative/tracking functions to show you how your system is performing.
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Recorded Webinar: How to integrate LOB and IBM Content Navigator without code

Typically, if you are deploying or planning to deploy IBM Content Navigator and need to connect with other lines of businesses or external data sources there will be a need for custom development. This kind of development work can take WEEKS to build, test and deploy. In this webinar you will learn how to integrate line of business applications or external sources with ICN quickly and without the need for custom code.
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Recorded Webinar: 2 Steps to Cover Your (Digital) Assets and Protect Against Insider Threats

Join enChoice with our partner Reveille Software and learn from real-world examples of insider threats and how to prepare and recover with CYA SmartRecovery and Reveille in Documentum.Nobody thinks that content security is something they have to worry about - until it is. The risk of ignoring it is creating a huge mess for organizations. Come hear some interesting examples of the exposure, along with ways to up your game by increasing visibility and control, both internally and externally. Gai...
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Recorded Webinar: Does your Enterprise Report Management (ERM) system comply with GDPR requirements?

The GDPR deadline is fast approaching! Are you prepared for the May 25th deadline and current critical regulations driving the new ERM technologies forward? Learn how new ERM solutions provide key capabilities to meet all of the privacy demands.
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Recorded Webinar: ECM System Support - The Benefits of a Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

Take a quick break to learn the benefits of having a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to support and manage your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solution across ALL your system components. Learn the benefits of having a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to support and manage your ECM Solution across ALL your system components.
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Recorded Webinar: Modern ERM 101 - A crash course in new Enterprise Report Management technologies

Introduction of new ERM solutions such as the new IBM CMOD platform providing key capabilities needed to meet the demands of the 21st century. Are you prepared for GDPR, and other critical regulations driving the new ERM technologies forward? What about an ERM platform offering flexible implementation options? And how do you migrate out of your proprietary and archaic Enterprise Report Management solution?
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Recorded FileNet Webinar: Recovery Bin + CYA SmartRecovery = Total Protection from Operational Incidents

The FileNet recovery bin is a safety net, SOME of the time. In fact, 10% of operational losses are caused by end user deletions.  But, what about the 90% of operational loss that are not caused by an end user deletion? Make sure you are protecting your critical data from the following data loss scenarios: Logical errors, administrative errors, corruption and viruses.
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