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Achieve Hot (Online), Consistent Backups of the Entire Documentum Platform

Maintain Availability with Consistent Hot Backups

For companies operating in multiple time zones and running customer-facing portals such as customer service applications, there is no good time to take Documentum offline for a system backup.

CYA HOTBackup™ enables you to mitigate and even eliminate planned Documentum downtime by performing hot, consistent backups of the entire Documentum application.

Most hot backup solutions perform content and metadata backups at different times, resulting in backups where the content (i.e. a loan application) will not be linked to its most recent metadata (i.e. digital signatures). CYA HOTBackup also prevents data loss and corruption issues commonly caused by other hot backup solutions.

CYA HOTBackup is designed to integrate seamlessly with CYA’s flagship product, CYA SmartRecovery™. CYA SmartRecovery mitigates unplanned Documentum downtime by enabling hot, granular recovery of Documentum objects in response to operational incidents such as viruses, power surges, and user/programmatic errors.

HOT Fact

Documentum Downtime is Costly Studies conducted by IT industry analysts show that on average, businesses lose between $84,000 and $108,000 for every hour of IT system downtime. For a company that needs to bring Documentum down for daily backups and maintenance, that translates into tens of millions of dollars lost per year.

CYA HOTBackup: Key Benefits

CYA HOTBackup™ eliminates planned Documentum downtime by performing hot, automated, consistent backups of the entire Documentum application that are automatically stored within your system backup solution.

  • 24x7 online backup eliminates downtime
  • Consistent backups ensure information integrity
  • Allows you to meet /exceeded SLA's as backup window removed
  • Productivity increases as Documentum always online
  • Provides a single point of reference

CYA HOTBackup: Features

CYA HOTBackup is Documentum-aware, and tightly integrated with both the Documentum platform and your system backup application so it can control, coordinate, and execute the backup of each component in the sequence required to ensure data consistency. CYA HOTBackup prevents corruption issues commonly caused by other hot backup solutions.


  • Enables 24x7 Documentum uptime
  • Fully application aware "hot" backups of the database, full-text indices, and file store content
  • Requires No Specialized Skills: Intuitive Web interface enables backups to be configured and scheduled to run automatically
  • Leverages your existing investment – works with leading existing backup solutions: EMC NetWorker®, EMC Avamar, Veritas, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager®, and HP Data Protector

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