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Migrating to a Modern Platform

Most companies are making efforts to transform digitally. With application development shifting to the cloud, a new generation of content services platform is setting the standard for modern enterprise content and report management.

Information is a critical asset, and must be properly managed to maintain integrity, compliance and to complete the digital transformation. Organizations with legacy content management systems and enterprise report management or output management systems often see content migration as a challenging and daunting task that can potentially disrupt critical business processes and take years to complete. For these concerns and more, the path to a modern content services platform seems out of reach.

What's your Challenge?

Many companies often face issues within their existing Enterprise Report Management (ERM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platforms. Typical challenges include:

  • Mergers and acquisitions leading to multiple content platforms and archives that are not integrate and have redundant capabilities and costs
  • Pressure to reduce the maintenance costs and the effort to maintain archaic ERM and ECM solutions
  • Strategy to move to a modern solution either onprem, cloud or hybrid, but the current platform doesn’t satisfy the needs of a modern, flexible architecture
  • Consolidation of departmental solutions and information silos into a centralized platform often with large volumes of data and no efficient process or tools to meet the business requirements

Migrations: Enterprise Report Management (ERM) & Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

enChoice offers end-to-end solutions to make your migration as easy as possible. Leveraging our 4 step approach, planning, budgeting and executing your consolidation has never been easier.

enChoice offers extraction services for customers wishing to move off many ERM and ECM solutions without disruption to your business. For decades, we have refined our migration processes and tools - click here for more information on enTools® or for more information on our migration 4 step approach.

About the enChoice Team

The enChoice migration team is based in North America, with security clearances and the ability to work on both compliance and commercial projects.