Maximize Content Navigator

KwikNav provides a suite of critical extensions to IBM Content Navigator (ICN) to maximize its potential in the Enterprise. The KwikNav suite includes KwikNav Data, KwikNav File, KwikNav Records and KwikNav ZeroClick.

KwikNAV Data - Connect to System-of-Record Data from Across the Enterprise

External Data Service (EDS) is an extension capability of ICN that can be used to provide real-time data lookups, transformations, and dependencies from any number of data sources. ICN provides the ability to utilize a data service but does not provide a service implementation. The NAV Data Connector provides the service component needed in order to utilize the EDS capabilities within ICN.

KwikNAV Files - Import and Export Documents in Bulk on a Schedule

NAV File Connector provides business power users the ability to import, export, and transform documents through the execution of jobs on an unattended, scheduled basis or ad-hoc when needed.

KwikNAV Records - Manage your Physical Records and File Rooms

KwikNAV Records is a full physical records management application that seamlessly integrates with ICN to allow physical records to coexist with your electronic content. Provides record checkout lifecycle operations for end-users and full file room management for your physical records staff.

KwikNAV ZeroClick - Automating Records Declarations

KwikNAV ZeroClick is used to declare documents as records in the IBM ECM platform with the IBM Enterprise Records solutions. The system is deployed to the Record Object Store (ROS) as a code module and is configured to declare records in the File Plan Object Store (FPOS). When a record is declared, all common properties between the Document class and Record class are synchronized, preserving data integrity, and saving time and effort.

The IBM software solutions leveraged and/or supported by KwikNAV include:

  • IBM Content Navigator (ICN)
  • IBM P8 Content Manager
  • IBM P8 Business Process Manager (BPM)
  • IBM Case Manager
  • IBM Case Foundation
  • IBM Content Foundation
  • IBM Enterprise Records (IER)
  • IBM Content Collector (ICC) for files
  • IBM Content Collector (ICC) for Microsoft Sharepoint
  • IBM Content Collector (ICC) for email
  • IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD)
  • IBM Digital Business Automation (DBA)
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Automation
  • IBM Operation Decision Manager (ODM)
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS)
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) for Network Deployed (ND)