Saving the Rhino

Saving The Rhino

Historically the Rhino had no predators; survival was virtually guaranteed due to its massive size and killer horn. But the world has since changed and the Rhino’s horn is no longer a defense, but instead a highly sought after and valued item.

enChoice, Inc. recently announced a partnership with Welgevonden Game Reserve (WGR) to provide project management and technical support for the unique Welgevonden Wildlife Protection Program.

The Wildlife Protection Program uses cutting-edge technology, including the Internet of Things (IoT), to enable a revolutionary way of protecting wildlife.

Since Rhinos did not evolve as vulnerable to predators, they do not have the natural defenses to know when a threat exists. However, other animals in their community do.

In this ground-breaking new Wildlife Protection Program, a variety of ungulate (or hooved) species are fitted with specially designed animal collars, embedded with a GPS and an accelerometer, to record their movement. As the data is collected, rule-based patterns or algorithms are developed and used to predict when the prey-animals are responding to various perceived human threats. If a suspicious activity is detected, action can be taken immediately to locate, stop and capture the poachers

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