enChoice Datacap Integration Plugins

Integration Plugins for Datacap

The enChoice Integration Plugins for Datacap ensure a quicker time to value and a solid return on investment (ROI) for your IBM Datacap system.

Learn how to improve your processes by integrating Datacap with your Business Systems:

Rapid Onboarding Tool

Quickly deploy Datacap applications without IT support.

Datacap is very powerful, but it can sometimes be complex to non-technical users.

The Rapid Onboarding Tool is a web-based user interface that allows users to easily onboard their forms and documents onto Datacap. This plugin gives users an easy interface to define documents and fields and associate those fields to multiple document types without having to have Datacap skills whatsoever, resulting in a rapid deployment of Datacap. For applications where a standardized capture workflow is followed, no IT involvement is needed.

The Rapid Onboarding Tool can also be used during large migrations to Datacap from legacy capture systems.

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ERP Data Gateway

Flexible, real-time ERP connectivity to your SAP systems.

Is your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) communicating with your SAP systems in real time, or are you reliant on expensive and time-consuming custom solutions to transmit data? ERP Data Gateway is a web-based solution that integrates your SAP ERP with your other business systems, providing seamless, real time data transmission to and from your ERP. This scalable, configurable, and affordable solution to ERP connectivity lets you accelerate your project timelines and reduce costs.

The ERP Data Gateway can help you simplify your business systems connectivity. This plugin allows you to:

  • Set traffic rules quickly and easily to set up software connections to ERPs and test connectivity to ensure the gateway is functioning correctly.
  • Connect and manage multiple ERPs with easy scalability and configurable traffic management to route the right traffic to the right ERP.
  • Integrate major business software systems including Sage, SAP, Oracle Financials, Dynamics Great Plains or any tool that supports service enabled architecture.
  • Protect your data across the network with SSL security, including support for custom certificates.
  • Create a clear audit trail with accurate logging that tracks and records every transaction passing through the gateway.
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Advanced Email Connector

Improve capture of email images and data.

Due to the ever-changing complexity of email and email usage, each Email Client (such as Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail) has a different variety off of the "standard". For example, with some Email Clients, an image may appear as an attachment while in others, it may appear in the body of the email. In these cases, the image is not a true attachment, but an embedded one that can sometimes be read as pure HTML. This type of in-line images can often be quite a struggle to extract.

Our Advanced Email Connector can extract the wide variety of image files (attachments, zip files, in-line embedded files, etc.), bring them into the batch folder and treat them as regular input files. In addition, this plugin can take the body of the email and convert it into a document itself (HTML version or PDF document). The Advanced Email Connector is open-code, so if a new requirement comes up it can easily evolve for new use cases and specific requirements.

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Excel Extractor

Extract Excel data with 100% accuracy.

While Datacap can already consume Excel files, it consumes them and processes them in an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) style. This means that Datacap will convert the excel files into pages and then it will try to extract the data from those OCR pages. But this process can present a some issues since you already have a binary file that has 100% correct data in the excel file and there are often varying formats.

The Excel Extractor is a database-driven configuration that allows you to define a database-driven model to ingest and extract binary data directly from the cells rather than via an OCR method. For use cases where excel files are used to collect field or customer data, and since the data in the excel file is already binary, this plugin allows you to extract the data directly into Datacap using logical data mapping. Rather than attempting to convert the file from binary to optical, and then convert the optical back into binary, the Excel Extractor allows you to extract the raw binary data directly from the Excel files, resulting in 100% accuracy.

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