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Preparing for FileNet's April 2025 End of Fix Support Deadline

In December 2023, IBM announced new versions of FileNet, Business Automation Workflow (BAW) and Cloud Pak for Business Automation (CP4BA). No matter what version you are on as of today (05/07/2024), if you do not upgrade by the April 2025 deadline, you will miss out on crucial security patches, software fixes, and vulnerability notifications. This lack of security patches may increase the chances of your FileNet system falling victim to breaches or ransomware attacks.
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IBM’s Sub-capacity Licensing Updates - What You Need to Know

IBM’s changes to sub-capacity licensing is an important update that I didn’t see when it was announced in May of 2022. Since I couldn’t find any notifications about this, I thought it would be good to write something up for it, in case you missed it too.
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Time is Running Out! Upgrade FileNet Before April 2023

The FileNet P8 platform remains an excellent long-term solution for mission critical business applications. However, as IBM has moved to a Continuous Delivery (CD) policy for ECM products, planning considerations surrounding upgrades have become increasingly important.
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IBM Content Services Active Records & Information Management

For those of us old enough to remember, the field of Records and Information Management (RIM) has evolved over the past few decades. I recall vividly first learning about the very practice of lifecycle governance while attending my first ARMA International annual conference. As a document imaging developer at the time, my singular focus had nearly always taken on the same basic pattern – capture, categorize and store some stuff into some repository.
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Are You a FileNet Admin With No Idea What to Do About Retention?

Ever since IBM introduced Retention and Hold capabilities in FileNet P8 version 5.2, the tantalizing prospect of employing document lifecycle functionality to corporate content has been looming in the background. Unfortunately, it's perpetually continued to do just that ... loom.
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As a Privacy Compliance Officer, How Can I Ensure Regulatory Compliance with My Company’s Content Systems?

Being a corporate compliance officer is no easy job. Reducing risk exposure in most organizations (including my own) amounts to keeping a step up on an ever-growing tumult of regulations, audit demands and legal exigencies. And all this must happen as the systems of content and engagement continue to evolve and produce staggering amounts of information – and potential liability.
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Upgrade FileNet Before End-of-Support

In December, IBM released new Long Term Support releases of FileNet, Cloud Pak for Business Automation (CP4BA), Datacap, Business Automation Workflow (BAW), and Operational Decision Manager (ODM). This means that no matter what previous versions of those products you are using, you will no longer receive support for security or defect fixes after April 30, 2023. This is because IBM only provides security and defect fixes for the two latest continuous delivery release and the existing LTSR.
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BOTS HAVE GROWN UP - Top 3 Areas Where a Bot Can Improve Your Business

Bot technology replaces the need for repetitive manual work by executing pre-programmed tasks. Originally introduced in parallel with the emerging Internet, bots served mainly as a means to search the web and index individual pages. Still in existence today, the WebCrawler (or spider bot) is at the foundation of all internet processes. Bots in 2022, however, have advanced far beyond the WebCrawler. Today’s bots, or Robotic Process Automation (RPA), are responsible for vital business tasks such ...
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IBM Releases New Versions of FileNet and Cloud Pak for Business Automation

While the prior announcements in October from IBM about the new versions had only confirmed some of the software components as Long-Term Support Releases (LTSR).  As of Friday, December 17th these products are now confirmed:
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IBM Announces New Long Term Support Release (LTSR) for FileNet and Cloud Pak for Business Automation

In this first of a series of IBM FileNet and Cloud Pak for Business Automation blog posts, Robert Short, Vice President of Cloud Services at enChoice, answers questions about the recent IBM announcement of the upcoming Long Term Support Release (LTSR) on December 17th, 2021.
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