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Focus your best resources on your strategic Digital Transformation initiatives

Why enChoice Managed Services

How do you embark on a Digital Transformation initiative when your key internal resources are focused on maintaining your current systems? Managed Services is a key component of your Digital Strategy. Our team of experts will support your current infrastructure while you transform your offerings and improve your customer experience.

Managed Services provides a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for all issues; service delivery by experienced, certified and highly skilled systems engineers.

For over 25 years our dedicated U.S. based staff of systems engineers have supported, remotely administered and monitored the industry leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & Enterprise Report Management (ERM) systems to a customer base with over 800 sites worldwide. enChoice Managed Services is a comprehensive, end-to-end remote support, administration and monitoring for your ECM & ERM solutions. Our unparalleled experience enables us to rapidly identify and resolve issues before they become problems that impact your business.

Our results speak for themselves – for over five years running. our customers have rated our managed services no less than 9 out of a possible 10 points.

Allow resources to focus on strategic initiatives critical to success

The biggest challenge that businesses face in executing their corporate strategy is focusing the right people and resources on strategic initiatives. enChoice Managed Services will ensure that talent is focused on core areas of the business while optimizing productivity.


enChoice Managed Services helps you drive down operational costs and enables investment. while allowing your internal resources to focus on the strategic initiatives that are critical to the success of your business. We consistently see significant cost savings of 50% or more vs. alternative solutions.


enChoice Managed Services are delivery by experienced. certified and highly skilled systems engineers. We provide a single point of contact for all of your issues. giving you greater access to talent and skills with a variety of expertise and industry knowledge.


enChoice Managed Services Enable companies to transform to CLOUD systems such as infrastructure as a service (laaS)/Platform as a Service (PaaS).


enChoice Managed Services help companies mitigate the risks of new technologies. provide greater agility to meet client needs by streamlining application implementation. increasing operational efficiencies. and ensuring consistent delivery of services.

enChoice Managed Services: Key Features

Empower Your Legal Department to Do More with Less
We provide every customer with a single point of contact to make working with us easy and efficient. If resolving an issue requires dealing with multiple vendors, your designated contact will do that on your behalf.

Experienced, Certified and Highly Skilled Systems Engineers
Our highly skilled and certified team provides comprehensive 24 hour monitoring, support and administration at a fraction of what it costs for just one experienced full time staff member. enChoice Managed Services are available for ECM cloud, on-premise and hybrid deployments.

End-to-End Services at a Fraction of Current Costs
With enChoice Managed Services you can realize significant operational cost savings and allow your best resources to focus on your. business, not Infrastructure.

24/7 U.S. Support Staff

Since 1994, our dedicated staff of U.S. based systems engineers support our customers 24/7/365 across all required Time Zones.

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Top-Rated IBM Support Provider

enChoice was the first IBM Certified Primary Support Provider (PSP).

FileNet P8 Support CMOD Support

ECM Experts

Enchoice Managed Support is the largest third-party ECM support organization. Our experts have extensive Technical Support Certifications in all supported ECM products.

FileNet P8 Support CMOD Support ASG/Mobius

Using MANAGED SERVICES for day-to-day infrastructure operations management can

reduce costs by as much as 42%*

" *Randy Perry & David Tapper, IDC. “The Business Value of Managed Services ”

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