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Optimize Your Datacap Investment

enChoice Datacap Solutions

enChoice has the technology and expertise to customize and optimize your IBM Datacap investment. Our Plugins for IBM Datacap help you accelerate your intelligent capture capabilities, improve your capture accuracy, ensure a quicker time to value, and create a solid return on investment (ROI) for your IBM Datacap system.

Supercharge your IBM Datacap System

Accuracy Plugins

Increase Accuracy and Achieve Higher ROI with Datacap

Integration Plugins

Improve Time-to-Value by integrating Datacap with your Business Systems

Performance Reporting & Analytics

Identify Improvements in your Datacap Performance and ROI.

MagicLamp & Scott Power

In March 2022, enChoice acquired rights to all MagicLamp Software assets, including numerous IBM Datacap “Plugins” that add more value to your capture investment.

Scott Power, former CEO of MagicLamp, also joined enChoice, as part of our commitment to an expanded focus on Intelligent Capture solutions. Scott is a world-renowned expert on Datacap, having been involved in over 300 Datacap accounts including some of the most complex implementations. We are privileged to have Scott join our team and provide you with the latest in Capture Technology to achieve your automation goals. enChoice's expanded capture practice not only focuses on established enterprise capture platforms like IBM Datacap, but on the array of leading AI and machine learning document recognition and analysis tools.

Features and Benefits

Achieve up to 90% accuracy on handwritten documents!

Improve your recognition rates on non-standard document formats.

Add machine learning to increase efficiency and reduce data entry.

Process your sales orders faster and more accurately.

Fix document alignment issues for better extraction rates.

Quickly deploy Datacap applications without IT support.

Flexible, real-time ERP connectivity to your SAP systems.

Improve capture of email images and data.

Extract Excel data with 100% accuracy.

Gain insight into performance and system issues.

Identify and remove unused rulesets.

Save time finding the root cause of batch errors.

Identify common fingerprint issues.

Keyword configuration for users.

Our IBM Datacap & Intelligent Capture Expertise

enChoice's expertise in Business Automation spans 30 years and we can help organizations just beginning their intelligent capture journey as well as those looking to optimize their existing IBM Datacap investment.

enChoice is a leading IBM Business Partner with deep IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation expertise.