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Eliminate Documentum downtime, minimize storage costs, and ensure complete recovery from all forms of data loss

The Ultimate Backup and Recovery Solution for Documentum

Documentum® allows you to deploy robust, agile business applications that manage, control and automate critical business processes across various departments. However, the amount of information stored in your Documentum repository grows continuously and its not uncommon to have repositories in the terabyte size range - with petabyte-sized repositories just around the corner! Without the right solution, protecting this critical data from all potential threats can be a Herculean task. Not to mention backing up these massive repositories can result in unacceptable Documentum downtime and high storage costs.

Protect your Documentum investment with CYA SmartRecovery™, an application-aware solution that enables rapid and full recovery from operational incidents such as corruptions, power surges, and programmatic errors.

CYA SmartRecovery works seamlessly with enterprise backup solutions to meet or exceed RTO’s and achieve RPO’s of just 15 minutes in the event of a system failure or disaster. Recovering information is as simple as browsing the folders and documents from CYA SmartRecovery’s intuitive interface and selecting what you wish to recover.

CYA Smart Recovery enables one, several, or thousands of objects to be quickly restored to the repository by a single administrator — all while Documentum stays online . This eliminates the need for a full system restore to a previous point in time, preventing downtime and additional data loss.

CYA SmartRecovery is designed to integrate seamlessly with CYA HOTBackup, which enables your to mitigate and even eliminate planned Documentum downtime by performing hot, consistent backups of the entire Documentum application that are automatically stored within enterprise backup solutions.

CYA Smart Recovery: Key Benefits

Recover from Operational Incidents in Minutes with CYA SmartRecovery

CYA SmartRecovery enables you to eliminate planned and unplanned Documentum downtime, automate online backups, minimize backup storage requirements and recover from all forms of data loss.

  • Enables automated, consistent hot backups of the Documentum platform
  • Provides rapid, online recovery of 1 or 1000’s of objects
  • Facilitates compliance by ensuring information is available and accurate
  • Compliments existing backup system to reduce RPO to 15 minutesCompliments existing backup system to reduce RPO to 15 minutes


CYA Smart Recovery enables fast, full recovery from operational incidents by allowing a single administrator to restore one, several, or thousands of objects that have been lost or corrupted back to the repository while Documentum remains online.

Prevents significant data loss and downtime by eliminating the need to perform a full system restore to a previous point in time.

CYA SmartRecovery enables you to reduce data loss from days or hours to minutes leveraging your existing full system backups and rolling forward. The result is a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) as little as 15 minutes.

  • Reduce data loss to minutes
  • The only application aware solution allowing granular recovery
  • Fast, simple, reliable recovery of documents or objects
  • Meets all of your compliance requirements
  • No disruption to the repository with online recoveries
  • Aligns completely to record retention policies

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