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A Flexible, Scalable, Matter Management Solution for Legal Departments

Improve Your Legal Team's Collaboration, Productivity and Efficiency

Today’s legal teams must access accurate information quickly and effectively manage caseloads, calendars and deadlines to ensure matters are resolved efficiently within the prescribed process of the law. You need a secure and scalable solution that improves information access, collaboration and business processes.

Empower Your Legal Department to Do More with Less KwikWork Legal is a configurable, off-the-shelf solution that provides your legal department with the features and functions required to work electronically and do more with less. The solution minimizes the burden on IT staff while providing fast access to legal data within a secure, scalable framework that enables efficient collaboration.

KwikWork Legal uses a simple unified approach to streamline management of disputes, litigation, transactions, investigations, intellectual property, claims, purchase agreements and terms. Built using recognized design concepts, KwikWork Legal improves user productivity by providing the intuitive and engaging experience users have come to expect from all their online applications.

KwikWork Legal - Key Benefits

Organize All Your Information by Matter— Documents, Tasks, Notes, Contacts and Meetings

  • Reduce department chaos
  • Ensure cases/matters are handled in a consistent manner
  • Increase efficiency by viewing entire caseloads/workloads from one screen
  • Improve insight into team workloads and calendar
  • Leverage a secure, compliant and centralized location for content storage
  • Work in familiar Microsoft Office applications
  • Stay up-to-date on important issues with real-time notifications
  • Accommodate future business growth with a supported commercial off-the-shelf solution

KwikWork Legal - Features

KwikWork Legal uses a simple, unified approach to streamline management of disputes and litigation, transactions, investigations, intellectual property, claims and even simple tasks like purchase agreements and terms.

Features include:

  • Unified Matter Management: Documents, calendar entries, notes, email, tasks, contact information and more are viewable from a single dashboard that's accessible to all department members. Simple templates reduce errors and make it easy to create new case files and append documents to existing cases.
  • Document Management: Documents can be securely stored in the FileNet repository and located using metadata. Changes can be tracked and document versions safeguarded using FileNet's check in/check out capability.
  • Calendaring Functionality: Create events, tasks and reminders that can be shared with others and associated with documents or individual matters.