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Powerful. Configurable. No-Code Applications

Improve Time-to-Solution; Reduce Cost & Risks of Custom Development

Your organization has invested resources into IBM enterprise content management (ECM) solutions to achieve numerous objectives including financial excellence, streamlined operations and regulatory complience. Many companies find themselves spending significant time and money building one-off custom solutions. Eliminate:

  • Resource bottlenecks attributabe to multiple release cycles
  • Training expenditures associated with user onboarding
  • Long term costs required to maintain custom code

KwikWork UX empowers IBM ECM customers to easily deploy modern, intuitive line-of-business (LOB) applications in IBM Content Navigator (ICN) and Case Manager without the time, money and risks associated with custom solutions. KwikWork UX provides the intuitive and engaging experience users have come to expect from their online applications.

  • Key Benefits
  • 360º Unified View
  • Events & Tasks
  • Notifications
  • Widgets

Key Benefits

KwikWork UX Benefits

Improve time-to-solution Reduce development costs

Mitigate long-term cost and risk associated with custom solutions

Minimizes ECM user training time and improves the onboarding experience

Improves ECM adoption and productivity with professional design

Enables custom solutions with configurable options

Supported, commercial off-the-shelf product can grow with your organization

Supported Environments

ICN 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 with
IBM Case Manager
FileNet | Content Manager

He's back...and he's faster than ever!

Accelerate your solutions with new features in the LATEST KwikWork RELEASE

New release adds over 100 new sought after features and fixes, including several new administrative functions that allow solution designers more control and flexibility over IBM Content Navigator and IBM Case Manager.

KwikWork UX empowers IBM ECM customers to easily deploy modern, intuitive line-of-business (LOB) applications in IBM Content Navigator (ICN) and Case Manager without the time, money and risks associated with custom solutions.

Increase User Adoption & Productivity

Built using recognized and familiar design concepts, KwikWork UX improves user productivity by providing the intuitive and engaging experience users have come to expect from all their online applications. KwikWork UX is completely configurable to meet your needs. The solution enhances what you have already built using IBM Content Navigator.

Full IBM ECM Software Support

The KwikWork solution includes full software support for all future IBM Content Manager (ICN) and Case Manager versions as well as CM8 repository when used in conjunction with IBM Case Manager and FileNet - so your development team can focus on other priorities. You’ll also be able to continually enhance the user experience by taking advantage of new functionality as it’s released.

With KwikWork UX you can reduce Development Costs and Time-to-Solution While Delivering a Superior User Experience

  • Unified Display: Users can view content, processes, cases and search results from the same screen.
  • Contact Management: Users can create or import contacts, and attached contact information to documents or cases. Provides easy creation of customer-centric applications that expedite issue response times in customer-facing departments.
  • Calendaring: Enable users to schedule and share events, tasks and reminders without deploying complex workflows or code.
  • Tab View: Provides a 360 degree view of a case, customer or work item by displaying associated information in one place.
  • Intuitive Search: Expedites searches by enabling users to re-run previous searches; displays results from multiple searches using the same template.

360º Unified View

See the Complete Picture

All information is easily accessible from one unified view - notes, contacts, calendars, events, documents and emails. Leverage your line of business systems data with intuitive entry templates for content addictions. Easily and emails to existing cases or documents directly from your email client. Collaboration tools let you keep the conversation going comments and emails directly associated to your content, work items or cases, providing complete 360o view of the business picture.

Events & Tasks

Easily See the Entire Workload

Users can add and create calendar events that can be associated with content or cases. View your upcoming meetings, events, and tasks. Even create calendar entries or tasks and invite others so that they can see them in their calendaring applications. Managers can easily view the entire workload of the department at a glance.


Receive Real-Time Updates on What’s Important

Stay up-to-date on important issues by receiving real-time notifications about content that’s been created, modified or checked in.



Support for CMOD
Allows solution designers to use content from IBM CMOD repository in their solutions.

Display External Widgets
Allows solution designers to create custom code and integrate the solutions into the KwikWork Unified View.

Multiple Object Store Support
KwikWork provides seamless support for multiple FileNet, CM8, and CMOD repositories in the same desktop.

Add Web Page Buttons
Add one-click buttons to the inter- face, providing easy access to external web sites and line of business (LOB) systems.

Search Manager
Expedites search with access to previously run searches

Enhanced Grid Control
Responsive grid control provides additional features and usability.

Unified Search
Allows ability to search for Content, Work Items, Cases, or Tasks all from the same place.

Virtual In-Baskets
Users can now access all their work at once in "My Work" and then filter it accordingly.

Upload Manager
Upload multiple documents at once.View the documents while adding meta-data.

Enhanced Thumbnail View
Intuitively select documents and cases from Thumbnails.

Easy In-basket
Reduces clicks; View inboxes from search results. View up to the minute counts.

Kwik Updates
Through the use of Web Sockets users can get information in real time.

Unified View
Unified experience for display content, processes, cases and search results.

Collaboration Panel
Consolidated view of contents, scheduled tasks and events.

Content Associator
Visualization showing associated Work Items/Tasks and Cases/Folders for a content object.

Task Scheduler
Provides ability to schedule simple follow-up tasks for content.

KwikWork Cards
Allow display of information such as Content, Work, or Case Properties.

View All
Allows Users to review search results and an object in the same window.

Kwik Add
Reduces metadata reentry with multiple documents check-in.