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Enable hot, consistent backups, reduce data loss and quickly recover information

CYA Smart Recovery for Filenet

For companies leveraging IBM® FileNet® Content Manager (P8) to manage growing quantities of critical information, their employees, customers and partners depend heavily on the information in this repository to perform their jobs.

As a result, any type of FileNet data loss or downtime has become intolerable for most organizations. Not only does data loss and downtime bring vital business processes to a halt—it causes significant collateral damage including regulatory non-compliance, revenue loss and a tarnished reputation. One study finds the average cost of downtime to be $7,900 per minute with an average incident length of 86 minutes, or $690,000 (2013 Cost of Data Center Outages, Ponemon Institute). Given what’s at stake, it is critical to minimize FileNet downtime and ensure rapid recovery from data loss incidents, full system failures and disasters

Protect Your FileNet Investment with CYA SmartRecovery

CYA SmartRecovery fully safeguards the IBM FileNet Content Manager platform from data loss and downtime by providing hot, consistent platform backups, ensuring fast recovery from operational incidents and enabling recovery point objectives of just 15 minutes in the event of a disaster. It is the only software solution that works with enterprise backup technologies to mitigate planned and unplanned FileNet downtime while enabling full recovery from all forms of data loss.

A single administrator can quickly restore one, several, or thousands of objects back to the repository in their original states without impacting user productivity. With CYA SmartRecovery , there's no need to incur additional data loss or recreate lost/corrupt information because there’s no need to take FileNet offline to roll back to a previous point in time.

CYA Smart Recovery: Key Benefits

CYA SmartRecovery enables full recovery from operational incidents and mitigates unplanned FileNet downtime caused by corruptions, viruses, and programmatic errors – all while FileNet remains online.

Protect your FileNet investment with CYA SmartRecovery™, an application-aware solution that enables rapid and full recover from operational incidents such as corruptions, power surges, and programmatic errors.

Enables 24x7 FileNet Uptime

Works with traditional backup systems to reduce data loss to 15 minutes in the event of a disaster

Enables one admin to quickly recover one, several or thousands of objects back to their original states in response to operational incidents while FileNet remains online


CYA Smart Recovery eliminates planned FileNet downtime by performing hot, consistent point-in-time backups of the entire FileNet platform including the process engine, database, object stores and GCD. CYA SmartRecovery is “FileNet-aware,” and is tightly integrated with the FileNet platform, system backup application and snapshot solution. This enables it to control, coordinate and execute the backup of each component in a manner that maintains data consistency.

CYA Smart Recovery

Enables compliance with retention policies - Automatically destroying content and metadata stored within CYA backups in alignment with policies set in FileNet Records Manager

Leverages backup and storage snapshot technologies from companies including IBM, OpenText and Symantec

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