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enChoice Cloud Services

Moving to the cloud has become a commonplace business practice, and there are many compelling reasons for doing so. The benefits of the cloud are well documented and include allowing scaling of workloads, enabling load balancing, high availability, convenient backups, as well as disaster recovery and monitoring.

From our observations, we have seen a real progression to cloud with our clients:

  • 5+ years ago, organizations were unsure about moving to the cloud – it was a tough sell
  • 2 years ago, there was more interest, but management was not yet on-board
  • Presently, every client we talk to has a cloud directive

When considering migrating your IBM FileNet or Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) system into the cloud, there are a few things to keep in mind. It is important to begin by performing a thorough and detailed analysis of your current environment, including:

Integrations Points: What services are you currently integrating with? When you move to the cloud, will the way you are integrated need to change?

Custom Applications: What custom applications are you currently using?

Storage: How will you move your storage to the cloud? There are options for moving significant amounts of data, but also costs associated with those options. You will need to account for the time and cost to move your storage into the cloud. If using a fixed content device such as Centera, there are additional challenges to consider.

Security/Compliance: What are your requirements around PCI, HIPAA, and overall security? Engage your security team and your hosting provider to ensure you can meet those compliance standards.

Cloud Comfort Level Experience: How much cloud experience does your team have? Do they have enough bandwidth? Are they comfortable properly securing and maintaining a cloud infrastructure?

Containerization: FileNet can now be deployed on OpenShift or certified Kubernetes. This is a great opportunity to start taking advantage of the benefits of containers.

enChoice is here to help. Our dedicated US staff has over 150+ years combined FileNet and CMOD support experience, offering:

  • Established practices to configure and migrate each environment to meet compliance requirements
  • AWS and Azure Certifications
  • Best practice installation and configuration of each environment
  • Performance tuning as needed of the application, application server, and database
  • Faster and more efficient troubleshooting and resolution due to detailed understanding of the system