enChoice IGMA Benefits and Deliverables

enChoice's IGMA: Benefits and Deliverables

enChoice's IGMA delivers a holistic, standards-based assessment of an organization’s Information Governance (IG) maturity to use as a benchmark to develop or fine-tune your IG strategy.

The final deliverable of an IGMA is a written assessment detailing the maturity levels for each of the seven IGIM areas, as well as an overall unweighted average, and a summary of the key findings that justified the respective area rankings.

What’s next following an IGMA assessment and what are the benefits?

enChoice recommends addressing the specific gaps identified in the assessment by planning for a strategic roadmap to implement a company-wide Information Governance program. Deficiencies in the IGIM serve as a point-in-time mile marker for where your organization is and will help guide your focus to where it needs to be as your capabilities evolve.

Think of the IGMA as your organization’s periodic medical checkup, and the IG strategy as your long-term care plan. The next time you schedule your checkup, your health score should show an improvement.

No matter where on the IGIM landscape you fall short, we can help you remediate. Whether it’s developing a foundational program document, guiding your data mapping exercise, or helping you develop an enterprise information taxonomy, we have the capabilities to support your IG enablement journey.

Guided by industry-recognized, certified practitioners and underpinned by solid relationships within the broader Information Governance sphere of thought leaders, our team has years of experience in all facets of IG enablement.

A Dedicated US Staff

enChoice’s dedicated US staff of Managed Services engineers have been supporting customers for nearly 30 years.

  • First IBM Certified Primary Support Provider partner
  • Largest third-party ECM support organization

Our Managed Services team:

  • has been providing remote system administration and monitoring since 2004
  • supports ~800 Managed Services customer sites worldwide
  • is U.S. based and distributed across all time zones
  • has extensive technical support certifications in all supported products
  • includes a Certified Records Manager to perform your Information Governance Maturity Assessment