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Enterprise Report Management System Migrations

Is your current enterprise report management (aka COLD) system costly or obsolete? Do you need to migrate from your legacy (MVS) archive system to a more robust system that will meet future business needs, support new document types and mobile viewing platforms? If so, enChoice can help. With over a century of collective enterprise report management (ERM) experience, enChoice is widely recognized as IBM® ’s most experienced partner for IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) system migrations. Our ERM migration services team carries the highest level of IBM certification, and has the experience required to resolve differences between CMOD and your legacy system related to report data, report archive processing and metadata mapping and conversion. enChoice’s end-to-end migration services include:

  • Design, testing and implementation of new ERM systems
  • Extraction of historical archives into an ingestible format
  • Conversion/transformation of old data

START NOW Program Did you know that extracting data from your legacy ERM system for a migration can take years? Many companies are forced to renew their legacy system licenses because they haven’t left sufficient time for data extraction. enChoice’s exclusive START NOWSM program enables you to avoid being held hostage by your legacy system. It allows you to begin the extraction process early, permitting you to spread your data conversion costs over time, minimize the impact on daily production processing and plan an efficient migration to your new system.