enChoice Crime Victim Compensation System - CVCS Content Engine

CVCS Content Engine

for Victims, Law Enforcement, Advocates, and Service Providers

CVCS presents your staff with the information they need to make faster decisions based upon the status of each case (show applications, police records, hospital bills) - all in one, single consolidated view.


the capture, recognition and classification of any paper documents associated with a case. And since all case information and content is gathered and stored digitally, any paper-based work is eliminated, or at least significantly decreased.

Speed Up

the search for information needed to resolve a case and use rule-based logic to automate business processes, reducing or eliminating many time-consuming tasks.

Easy Access

to case information, facilitating fast and seamless team collaboration for case management.

CVCS leverages IBM technology in support of victims

enChoice’s Crime Victim Compensations System (CVCS) leverages IBM’s powerful Cloud Pak for Business Automation platform, including: Datacap, Case Manager, Content Manager (P8), Business Process Management (BPM) and IBM Enterprise Records (IER). Each component of CVCS can be purchased as a separate module or as a complete system. It can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud.

We Provide

  • System Administration
  • Cloud Hosting (99.9% Uptime)
  • 24x7x365 Support
  • 1-Hour Response Time
  • 30-Year Track Record
  • Subject Matter Expertise

Review the Crime Victim Compensation System (CVCS) Recorded Webinar

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