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Recorded Webinar - Two Leading IBM BA Join Forces

We are pleased to announce that enChoice and Salient, two leading IBM Business Automation partners, are now joining forces.
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Recorded Webinar - Accelerate Mortgage Processing with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Is your company looking to reduce mortgage document processing time and handle more volume, without adding staff or making significant changes to your environments? Historically, automated document processing solutions for the mortgage industry had great intentions - but they were expensive and took months, if not years, to train only a small portion of your documents.
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Recorded Webinar - How to Automate & Simplify Records Declaration in IBM Enterprise Records (IER)

If you are using IBM Enterprise Records (IER), you know that all content must be declared in order to become a record. Join our coffee-break webinar and learn how to simplify records declaration by automating the process.
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Recorded Webinar - The Next Generation Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tools have been around for decades, but as the business world shifts to a cloud-based environment, so is ECM.
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Recorded Webinar: Are You Cloud Ready? Benchmarking for Cloud Migration

If you're wondering how your company can best prepare for a cloud migration, join Subject Matter Expert, Kieran Fox, for coffee and learn why benchmarking should be the first step in preparing to move to the Cloud.
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Recorded Webinar: How to Improve Cash Management with AP Automation

Automating your Accounts Payable (AP) process isn't just about saving money, but also about being able to better manage your cash flow - especially during today's volatile, unpredictable times.
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Recorded Webinar: Mobile Capture for Banking and Insurance

Today’s banking and insurance customers expect a high level of mobile engagement. Advanced mobile capture solutions turn a smartphone or tablet into a sophisticated scanning device which not only captures a document, but also cleanses and extracts critical data.
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Recorded Webinar: An Introduction to Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

You may have heard about Robotic Process Automation (RPA), but are unsure of the benefits it can bring to your company.
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Recorded Webinar: Case Manager to BAW, Your Upgrade Made Simple

IBM announced that effective 4/30/2021 they will withdraw support for Case Manager. This announcement also applies to users who have licensed Case Foundation. To receive continued support, IBM requires that you migrate to IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW), the replacement product which combines the capabilities of IBM Business Process Manager, IBM Case Foundation, and IBM Case Manager.
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Recorded Webinar: 5 Key Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Differentiators You Should Know

Have you considered implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA)? Not all RPA solutions are created equal. Already invested in RPA? Get more info on a game-changing RPA solution that can be integrated into your current system.
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