enChoice enTools - Migration Methodology and Approach

Migration Methodology and Approach

enChoice has a unique 4 step process that takes the guess work out of your solution approach.

Getting Started: Solution Approach

Organizations are ready to move now.

  1. Questionnaire (current solution requirements)
  2. enChoice enTools (Platform metrics)
  3. Validation & Discussion - Q&A
  4. Solution Presentation - Reviewing findings, solution estimate and architecture

Step 1 involves having you –our customer – fill out a questionnaire which provides the current solution details. The Questionnaire give us a thorough understanding of your current environment, where you are and where you want to go!

Step 2 which will probably run concurrently with Step 1, we will provide you with our platform metric query tool. This provides us with the User counts and metrics associated with your current repository. The queries produce a couple of reports that give us a deeper understanding of the document types, numbers of them, layout and information on indexes and possibly topic indexes or document class information. Running the metrics does not provide any personal information or any sensitive information – we are simply gathering metrics.

Once the solution questionnaire from Step 1 has been completed with the query reports from Step 2, enChoice will review the findings with you in a Validation – Q&A conference call to confirm that what we understand is correct.

Finally, we will have an Solution Presentation to review our findings, provide you with an architecture and technology overview of the proposed solution, and discuss various use cases. The proposal will include a recommended Approach which includes a financial summary, timing and overall effort as well as benefits summary to assist with your ROI. An enChoice migration also includes the tools needed for a successful migration. The enChoice enTools support many source system extractions as well as target systems for loading.

It is backed by a team of experienced content services professionals trusted by some of the world’s largest organizations.

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About the enChoice Team

The enChoice migration team is based in North America, with security clearances and the ability to work on both compliance and commercial projects.