enChoice KwikNAV Files

Import and Export Bulk Documents on a Schedule

Importing or extracting large numbers of documents from your IBM FileNet P8 system, based on specific criteria, usually requires the help of IT developers.

KwikNAV Files allows business power users the ability to import, export, and transform hundreds or thousands of documents in FileNet without IT. The execution of jobs can be scheduled, run unattended, or performed an ad-hoc basis.

KwikNAV Data Features

  • Job Based
  • Runs Unattended
  • Multiple Actions
  • Metadata
  • Foldering
  • Archiving
  • Email Notification

KwikNAV Files Benefits

  • Easily perform complex document imports and exports
  • Off the shelf solution maintained by enChoice:
    • On-going support
    • Compatibility with FileNet versions
  • Designed for use by Business Analysts
  • Cost savings/efficiency
  • Enhances regulatory compliance

KwikNAV Files

Demo: How to Import/Extract Documents in Bulk from IBM FileNet

Do you need the ability to import or extract large numbers of documents from your IBM FileNet system based on specific criteria?

In this 20-minute demo you'll learn how business users can easily import/export documents from IBM FileNet WITHOUT having to depend on IT support.

We’ll provide a quick demonstration of how you can enable business users to:

  • Extract and Import documents in bulk
  • Support both scheduled and ad-hoc jobs
  • Reduce dependency on your IT staff